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At the Small Parts Dept, we help our clients to tune-up and improve their digital marketing performance, spotting opportunities and solving problems as we go.

Often, we become a small but vital cog in a much bigger success story; one that starts with a quick look under the bonnet and results in a longer-term strategic partnership that consistently delivers improved search performance, higher quality leads and better conversion.

Our smart and industrious mindset can be applied to any business, but we have particular expertise in presenting detailed and complex subjects in a way that’s highly accessible for humans and also effective for search engines. And we love a challenge.

Our performance criteria

While every business has different needs, you can expect us to:

  1. Ask ‘why?’ and if in doubt, ask again.
  2. Ask the questions your customers might, but won’t bother to if they can get an answer more easily from your competitors.
  3. Stay focused on the strategy to avoid the lure of shiny diversions and cul-de-sacs.
  4. ‘Pan for gold’; sift through the minutiae for any hidden opportunities to make quick wins, while bigger performance improvements gather momentum.
  5. Not get complacent; the job is never done.

Brands we

Our performance reviewed

Niki brings a unique energy and drive to our digital marketing communications which is both effective and fun. Most importantly, she gets results. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Small Parts Dept.to anyone who wants to raise and improve their online profile.

Dan Watts

Managing Partner
ED Executive Search

By taking the time to understand our strategy, our expertise and most importantly our clients, the Small Parts Dept. got to the nub of the disappointing performance we were experiencing. They identified myriad opportunities to make our content work harder, before investing in new activity. Their commitment to constant improvement has seen a positive uplift in campaign performance, particularly in the quality of leads. As well as technical expertise, they are hugely experienced, fun to work with, ensure knowledge transfer, and remain hands on all the time. They have become an extension of the team – offering the necessary level of support to ensure success.

Jane Parry

Head of Marketing & Communications
Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management

Niki is one of those rare communications experts who is really able to get inside the mind of the target customer. Combined with this, she has the knowledge and resources to create communications that work in a broad range of media. The Small Parts Dept. continually challenges to ensure that the strategy, plan and communication execution is the best it can possibly be.

Martin Palmer

Marketing and Business Development Director
Clarke Willmott

Niki is a consummate communications professional who had a significant and positive impact on the successful relaunch of AXA Self Investor. Niki was for a period our ‘one woman marketing department’, involved in everything from shaping our launch campaign to shepherding huge volumes of work through AXA’s control processes. She is relentless focussed on delivering content and comms that work...

Gordon Hull

Former Managing Director
AXA Self Investor

Niki is a talented marketer, capable of sound strategic thinking yet also adept at execution and delivery. She is excellent at driving compelling and well executed communications, while also ensuring the customer remains at the heart of the debate.

Melanie Rees

Former Customer Experience Director
First Bus Group

Niki is brilliant at what she does. It’s very rare that someone ‘gets it’ so easily. Her ability to challenge and come up with creative ideas really takes the Small Parts Dept’s work to the next level.

Sam Gillies

Former Digital Marketing Manager
Sun Life

Niki and I have worked together for more than 12 years. She is one of the most professional and understanding people that I have had the pleasure to work alongside. I have learnt a lot from Niki since my career began and she has supported me immensely with SEO, copywriting and content in both the insurance and automotive sectors, with some outstanding results. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Small Parts Dept.

Lucy Hawkins

Group Digital Marketing Manager
Dick Lovett Group