How The Small Parts Dept. Found Its Name

Standing at 4’11¾” and heading up the Small Parts Dept, people often think that the name reflects my less-than-Amazonian stature. But there’s actually another reason for this choice – and here’s the real story.

One day, I was chatting to a friend who, many moons prior, had worked for my dad in the aerospace industry.

As an engineer, this friend had little clue as to what I actually did for a living. So I tried to explain that I offered businesses a single place to bring their marketing conundrums; somewhere their problems would be understood and solved by seasoned professionals with the experience to cut to the chase, cut out the guff and deliver tangible results.

‘Ah’, said my friend; ‘that sounds exactly like what our small parts department used to do.’

Although it was the first I’d heard of it, it turns out this was one of my dad’s innovations; a department of really experienced specialists cherry-picked from across the business for their deep understanding of every aspect of the helicopter manufacturing process. Between them, they had the curious mindset, practical skills and can-do attitude to swiftly solve any problem that was brought to them.

This quick route to effective answers was exactly what I was striving to provide for my clients. Just in digital marketing and with less oily hands.

There and then, I knew this name was the missing component I had been looking for. Finally, I had something that fitted me as well as the hastily-mustered Niki Vardé Limited, only a lot more inspiring. Plus it connected me to the long line of engineers in my family, with a special nod of recognition to my late father.

Now I often think of the experts who worked in the original small parts department. And always try to emulate that combination of thinking/strategy and action/delivery that made them indispensable to every other department in the building.

Touch wood, it seems to be working well so far. And that’s no tall story. If your business could do with its own small parts department, why not drop us a line or give us a call on 07887 640762.